Train Schedule

Train Schedule :

Check train Schedule of Indian railway . Just enter few letter of train name or just enter the few number of train . For example if you want to check train schedule of Shiv Ganaga Express then enter Shi or train number 125


Train Name/Number : Below

What is PNR Status:

PNR is abbreviation for Passenger Name Record. In the context of Indian Railway Reservation System, it is a unique ten digit number that is associated with a ticket. This unique number is automatically generated by Computer Reservation System (CRS) which is like an indexing number in the database where the details of the passenger or group of passengers are stored. This database details also include important information about the passenger’s current reservation status which continuously get updated with every cancellation if ticket is unreserved.

Indian Railway Abbreviations :

  • SL - Sleeper Class
  • 3A - AC 3 Tier
  • 3 E - AC 3 Tier Economy
  • 2S - Second Sitting
  • FC - First class
  • 2A - AC 2-tier sleeper
  • 1A - First class AC
  • GN – General Quota
  • DF - Defence Quota
  • CK - Tatkal Quota
  • SS – Travelling Alone Female Quota (above 45 Year) / Senior Citizen Quota
  • LD – Ladies Quota
  • HP - Physically Handicapped Quota
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